My name is Simeon and I'm just a young man from Bulgaria who wants to live as his best self and make a difference in your life. As a kid I never believed my life could turn into anything that meaningful. But I'll tell you more about it in the words below ...


We felt grateful if we could put spaghetti with sugar on the table. (Images: Me chilling in the hot tub; Where I lived for 14 years; My playground)

I was born and raised in Varna, Bulgaria by a loving family. The first 10 years of my life went through tough financial conditions. That was considered normal for most families in my country back then. I consider this period one of the most valuable in my life, as my parents taught me and my brother that there is much more to life than money.

The social environment outside of my family was offering everything that you would not want your kids to get involved in. Drugs, crime, fights and bullying – all of which never addressed by any authorities. If you had a problem – you needed to deal with it yourself. 

Due to the fact that I never grew much physically, I had to learn how to fight in order to be able to go to school and around the city without the fear of being attacked and robbed. I took classes in karate, boxing and kickboxing. That did enough to keep me out of trouble and to allow me to keep my self-worth intact throughout the years.

What I didn’t manage to keep intact during these years was my true nature. Living in an environment where anything different was BAD, I had to stick with suppressing my emotionality, my drive for living by my own terms, my different views about the world and worst of all – my dreams.

I think the lives of 95% of all Bulgarians were really tough during these times. People had to work hard to put food on the table and to be able to keep their homes reasonably warm during cold winters. When you have such issues it’s hard to think about personal growth and whether diversity is good or bad. You are in survival mode.

While many kids nowadays look up to people like Elon Musk, Richard Branson, and Mark Zuckerberg, the “heroes” for most Bulgarian kids during the 90s were local gangsters. Not because our parents weren't teaching us the right values, but because we just didn’t hear much about the outside world. So, instead of wanting to become great entrepreneurs, inventors, actors, musicians, most kids really just dreamed of becoming criminals. And quite a few of them, sadly, made this dream come true.  


I was never brave enough to even dream of becoming a professional racing driver. (Images: My first big win in 2004; Confident!; Racing a step below Formula 1; Top 100)

I always loved watching F1 with my father. And deep inside I dreamed of being in the seat of a formula racing machine. But I was just a poor kid from Bulgaria. I was not allowed to dream that big ...

Right? Wrong!

One day, I happened to be at the right place at the right time. I was offered the chance to try a professional karting ... for free. I never sat in one before. Guess what I did ... I pushed as hard as I can and I did good. I did really good. This is how my racing career started.

I started racing professionally a year later – at the age of 15 (the usual age is 7). I went on to become a South-East European Champion and received the prestigious award “Best Racing Driver of The Year” in my very first year of professional racing. My unprecedented achievements continued in the following years where I won multiple championships and awards and led the semifinals in one of the most prestigious professional karting events in the world – Kerpen Wintercup, Germany (the birthplace of the legendary Michael Schumacher).

My successes caught the attention of Formula Renault teams and I went on to become the first racing driver in the world to compete at such high level in motorsport after just 3 full years of professional karting racing – reaching just a step from the notorious Formula 1 Championship.

My racing career taught me so much. I was lucky enough to have the chance to work with the world’s top experts in the fields of health, fitness and psychology for professional racing drivers.

I also had close encounters with death during multiple racing incidents where life decided to give me a few more chances to go on and continue my journey.

I quit professional racing at the top of my career. Racing changed my life. For the first time I was competing with the best in the world and I was kicking ass. I started believing that I could achieve absolutely anything I set my mind to. I developed a CHAMPION MENTALITY that nobody around me seemed to have.

My unique experiences on and off the track as a racing driver have brought some of the most amazing insights that I went on to successfully implement in my professional career as a mentor and an entrepreneur.

There is so much hard TEAM work and lessons learned behind my achievements:

  • 2 x South-East European Karting Champion (2004/2005)
  • 2 x “Best Racing Driver of The Year” (2004/2005)
  • Bulgarian Karting Champion (2005)
  • Raced in Formula Renault 2.0 (2017) 
  • Tested in World Series Formula Renault 3.5 (2007)
  • Special Award for “Promoting Bulgarian Automotive Sport on The International Arena” (2015)


At the age of 19 I felt I could start changing the rules of the game. I already competed on the world stage in racing and I though I could replicate these successes anywhere I wished. I was partly right ...
(Images: First office - I never invited anyone for meetings; Office 5 years later;
Extremely happy to follow my mission; Excited to talk about the things that matter)

I graduated from Kingston University, London spending most of my days learning and experiencing business practices. 

During my studies I opened a small innovative "waterless carwash" company. It was my first little success in business. This project made me some money and won the British “Bright Ideas Award” for Entrepreneurship in 2009.

While at University, I was elected Kingston University’s President of SIFE (Students in Free Enterprise) – the biggest student organization in the world (now called Enactus). There, I was exposed for the first time to charitable activities and that pushed my life into a new direction - a relentless drive to create businesses that make a significant difference in other people's lives.

Coming back to Bulgaria, I joined my older brother in a journey to change the way medical distribution works. We saw so many critical issues on the market that were still to be addressed and we promised ourselves we'll change the rules of the game. 5 years after the company was founded, we became the biggest organization in the field in terms of yearly revenue and profits. More importantly, our company was responsible for saving people’s lives each year. At the age of 26, I was running a firm that started from zero and was now worth more than $20m.

These successes didn’t come without a high price. I spent sleepless nights at the office for years. I was at a meeting with the manager of one of the biggest hospitals in Bulgaria. The moment I sat on the chair he asked me whether I knew the meaning of the Japanese word Karoshi. I didn’t, so he asked me in a very friendly manner to Google it when I go back home. Which I did. I learned that Karoshi means “death from overwork” and this guy was trying to save my life with this friendly warning. However, I was too motivated/silly to listen to such warnings.

I continued with my damaging lifestyle until one day I almost fainted coming out of the office after a 30h non-stop work sprint. I finally decided to give myself some time to think. I realized none of my friends were calling me anymore. Not because they didn’t want to, but because I never accepted any offers to meet. I lost the great connection I had with my parents. I hadn’t read a single book in years.

A few months later I went into a deep depression. I locked myself up at home and slept for weeks or months (I don't recall) without picking up my phone to clients, employees, friends. My brother tried everything to help me come out of my shell. Finally, he just decided to hand me a book and asked me to read it when I can. The book was “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People” by Stephen Covey. I was so scared. It felt like the whole world was on my shoulders. I just wanted to sleep. I wanted the world to forget about my existence. I don’t know how long I was in this dark place – must have been a couple of months. I call this period THE LOST MONTHS OF MY LIFE. One day I saw this book on the living room table and decided  to give it a try. This is how the new chapter of my life started.

One late night I went to the office when no one else was there. I sat at my desk and went through all pending tasks one by one. By the end of the night I was done with most of what was “so scary.” I went home and slept without fear and shame for the first time since months.

My depression was my little curse and my huge gift at the same time. It gave me time to think. I didn’t allow myself to have that for years. It pushed me to start reading again. And it made me realize it was time for a huge change.

A few months after coming out of my depression, I decided I will quit my business and will start my life over in a new place. I didn’t know where and what I'll do but I knew it was the right decision. I gave myself a deadline exactly 12 months from the date of my decision and started reshaping my life – only this time I made a decision to design it exactly the way I wanted.

The moment I "set myself free,” even just in my mind, all answers started appearing. 

I remembered that when I was a little kid I always dreamed of having superpowers to help people in need. And it seemed that this dream was still there – only it was hidden so deep that I was never brave enough to accept it as an adult. I don’t have the superpowers of a movie superhero but I do believe I have the superpowers of a regular human being. I’ve been through a lot in my life and these experiences have engraved in me a belief that I can achieve anything I want to. And since helping people succeed and live a better life is my passion, I knew I could push myself to grow and share my best gifts with the world. I was ready to start creating a larger-scale impact. I was no longer going to hide under the comfort of my current success.

My goal is to grow to extraordinary heights in all key areas of life and bring as many people with me as possible.

The poor kid, the exceptional racing driver, the struggling but somehow successful entrepreneur – all these roles were preparing me for today.

Now, I dedicate my life to developing tools with the goal of helping people reach their highest potential in both personal and business life. 


"The energy that Simeon brings to everything he does lifts you up to live as your best self."

Yordan Yovchev
4 x World Champion & 4 x Olympic Medalist in Gymnastics

"Working with Simeon is the best choice I’ve ever made! He’s helped me significantly boost my productivity and achieve much bolder benchmarks. His coaching completely transforms my personal life and business perspective."

Pedja Veselinovic

"Simeon is the King of Visualization."

Kristen Nolan
High Performance Health Expert


After years of testing, after all experiences as a professional racing driver, an entrepreneur, a Neuro-Linguistic Programming Coach, and simply a human being that wants to grow, I've narrowed down a set of skills, routines that help me win the day, the week, and the game of life.


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