Your Goal Setting Is Killing Your Business And Dreams – Here’s What To Do About It

Goal setting is a complex matter. Right? Wrong!

Goal setting is simple but we’ve been doing it all wrong and that’s why it hasn’t been working in our favor. Yes, it’s sim1ple and it’s one of the essential skills that you need to master if you want to achieve any meaningful and more complex projects in life.

The good news is that you don’t need to read 10 books to become better at goal setting. You can improve your goal setting skills significantly today. You just need to realize a few simple facts and you’ll be ready to start your life transformation now.

Keep reading. You are in for an important surprise.

Let’s quickly observe the most popular goal setting technique – SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, time-bound). SMART goals are great. They make us focus on what exactly we want to achieve, what is the measurable outcome, when we want to have it over with.

When can we successfully utilize SMART goal setting:

  • It might be a good idea to consider it when setting a goal for another person who you know functions and executes well under such rules. An employee or a kid for example.
    You also might want to consider it when setting a mutual goal for a group where some members might get too stressed out if you use a different technique – unless the goal is actually important.
  • You also MUST use SMART when you start new habits – start small and build up.
    SMART goal setting is perfect for small, every day, short-term goals. However, if you use SMART for your mid to long-term life and business goals, you are in for a nasty surprise.

SMART goal setting will kill your dreams and your business!

That sounds cheesy but it’s true. Why? Let’s consider the following:

99% of the world uses SMART goals. That’s good, right? It means it works … Wrong! That means that if you do the same for your mid to long-term goals, you will be competing with 99% of the world. And that’s just tough!

Do you plan on growing your new business with 10% next year? 10% might sound great for you and it’s not bad, having in mind most businesses die anyways. Right? Wrong! Think again! Do you want to create a thriving company or a company that just struggles to survive? I know how the second one feels like. I’ve been there. And the feeling sucks. Successful people don’t operate like that. And this is why they compete in an area where there are only 1% of people. A lot more room to breathe there.

What you actually want is your business to grow 50 or even 100% next year, don’t you? So why the hell are you afraid to put this as a goal? But we’ll get back to that a little later.

SMART goal setting is stupid (and boring). When you were a little kid, you were a master in something really important that you later forgot about. Visualization. You woke up and your day started with a crazy, unrealistic vision of you being Spiderman or Wonder Woman or whatever you liked to imagine you were for the day. Were you tired? Were you bored of just another day in front of you? Did you say “Oh, crap. It’s Monday again!” I doubt it. Why? Because you had a crazy vision and you actually believed you are this superhero and you can live in greatness right now! All it took was vision and belief.

Today, you are a lazy bastard (don’t ask me how I know) who needs a kick in the ass just to be able to get out of bed in the morning. And then you need to drink 5 coffees to make it through the day. Why? Because you are being SMART. Because you read that article that told you that being unrealistic is bad for you. But I’ll get back to that later as well.

Don’t be SMART! Be SMURT!

When I realized about this dangerous lie that schools and society have been engraving into our souls I got a “little upset”. And I took action straight away. I started visualizing again. Every day. And just for the sake of experimenting and playing it full out, I put several super crazy, unrealistic but very inspiring goals in my digital journal and started reading through them each day (morning and night).

So instead of SMART, I now started using SMURT goal setting. I switched the “Achievable” to “Unrealistic” and “Reasonable/Relevant” to “Resourceful”. This was not the usual “ask from the universe and it will give” journey but rather “ask from the universe and get your brain to work once again and then the universe will give.” A few months later into that journey, the “universe” started giving. And it was giving me everything. Things that I was scared to ask for before. Things that everyone laughed at when I shared what I was doing. Even most of my friends.

So instead of keeping on being SMART, here is what you can do:

Instead of fighting with 99% of the world, set a few business or work/job goals that are far beyond that bar. Set a goal that the top 1% have already achieved. Is it a 50% growth next year? Or maybe a 100% salary raise? Make sure that it is completely unrealistic and you have no idea how to make it happen. Make sure you don’t have the skills to make it happen.

Once you put it in writing, you’ll get your brain to work and start figuring out a few things – What do you need to learn to make it happen? What do you need to do to make it happen? Who do you need to become to make it happen? Who do you need to meet to make it happen?

I guarantee you one thing. If you start living and setting SMURT goals, in one year you will realize that setting this 100% growth goal now was actually pretty realistic. And you’ll then go for more.

There is no personal or any other type of growth in living in this little box that everyone is trying to put you in. Don’t look for what most other people do. Or even better – look what 99% of others do and do the opposite. You’ll thank me later.

Instead of waking up like this lazy bastard you are today (I’m just messing with you, I know you are super energetic every day), get a little crazy. What have you always dreamed of? Forget about work and business for a second. Do you want to travel the world? Buy a yacht? Find the best partner in life? Whatever it is – materialistic or not, put it in your daily visualization as a SMURT goal. And make it a crazy one. Super unrealistic.

How different is every day if you look to the future with such excitement? And if you know that no matter how unrealistic this goal looks, at least you are working towards achieving it. Doesn’t it change who you are today? Doesn’t it fire you up more? Doesn’t it make you alive?

This is how all of us should live every day of our lives. There’s no excuse for being dreamless. Start being smart and stop using SMART when it comes to your mid and long-term goals.

Once you start your new exciting journey, there will be those 99% around you who will have a good laugh at you at first. That’s great. It means you are doing it right.

Let’s be realistic (for real) here for a second. 99% of us want to change the world. That’s reality. But the other part of reality is that nobody did that by setting realistic goals. You won’t either. And that’s as far as reality goes for me.

Here are some of the objections you will hear and what my reaction to them is:

  • “Oh, how bad you will hurt yourself when you fall from so high.” – Really? Well, how bad do you hurt yourself when you fly so low every day? I am aware that I might not achieve 100% of my unrealistic goals at the desired time. And maybe I won’t achieve some of them ever (I have some really crazy ones in that journal). Maybe I won’t find the right path or strategy to make it become a reality (even though I believe I will). But at least I live with passion and pride, knowing that I’m trying to create something meaningful. And even if I achieved 50% of an unrealistic goal, it will still be times more than what most other people will do by achieving 100% of their mediocre SMART goal.
  • “Be realistic! People will think you are crazy.” – Well, that’s what I’m actually looking for. I don’t want to be like “people.” I want to create my own journey which is exciting, full of positive energy and most importantly – hope. That’s the energy that will pull me forward. Others have done it. I can do it too.
  • “Great achievements are not for everyone. You know that most people fail.” – Yes, I know that most people fail. But I also know that it is not those who failed that felt sorry for themselves in the end of their lives. It is those who never tried.

Here’s a very important lesson:

When people are trying to bring you down, it’s because of their own fears and doubts. Because they don’t believe THEY can make it. Their doubts have absolutely nothing to do with you. So, you keep on going. Some will follow your example and join your exciting journey and you will help them do it. Others will stay where they are forever. And all that is really none of your business. You are already on your way to greatness.

Don’t forget to include this new habit into your productivity tool to make sure you don’t miss a day.

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