You are not an EMPLOYEE. You are a HORSE!

job self-awareness work Aug 23, 2018


We are the only species on earth that have received the gift of incredible self-awareness. But we have also been given the non-gift of self-deception.

You think that you are a man or a woman but I know that you are a horse. We all are. Let me tell you why.


You look at a horse, and you say, "Oh, poor animal. Just look at it. It's supposed to be out in the wild, running as fast as it can, climbing hills, eating fresh grass, drinking from fresh streams of water, being a wild animal with the rest of the wild animals. Instead, it's chained to a stick in a backyard all by itself, waiting for another human to jump on its back and ride it."

Poor horse, right. But maybe your self-awareness has skipped a little interesting fact:


You are a dumb horse. I am a dumb horse. We all are dumb horses.

You are "chained" to the three boxes you most often occupy - your home, your car, your office. You spend much of your life in the company of a computer instead of other human beings. And just like the poor horse, you are constantly anticipating someone to jump on your back and start to ride you like the wild beast you are.

The only difference between you and a horse is you are at least given 20 out of 365 days to go out in the wild and be a real human being. The problem is, you've already forgotten how to be that so you'd much rather watch TV or lay in bed (it's too damn scary out there).


I mentioned self-awareness earlier. Use it. Start questioning everything that is happening in your life and do it with fresh eyes. Don't think that you know anything because what you know is most certainly what someone else told you many years ago. And it's all bullsh*t.

Ask yourself:

  • Do I have to have the house, the car, the job, the working hours, the sofa, the TV?

What if you don't need a sofa and buy pillows to sit on the floor instead? Why do you need that sofa? Is it because it's the best thing there is out there or because someone created and started selling sofas and made you believe that that's the best thing out there? Hmm ...

  • Is what I'm doing in alignment with the person I really am deep inside?

Are you playing horse for someone or some organization that you give zero sh*t about? Do they ask of you to do stuff that contradict with your values? Should you keep on being a good boy/girl/horse and keep suffering for the rest of your life or should you look outside the barn in case there is something better in this world for you? Is there something better? Look around ...

  • How old of a horse should I become before I get to do me instead of letting other people do me?

Do you want to run out in the wild and taste what it's like to be a real human being or you are fine with being chained to the broken concept of the status quo?

My friend, you are a domesticated horse. But you don't have to be. You've been domesticated by your parents, your teachers, your mentors, by society. You've been put into a box that doesn't hold nearly enough oxygen for the adventurous soul that lies within you. This box is killing you slowly, and you can feel it. But it's not too late to come out of the box.

Get your phone and set an alarm for tonight. Schedule 30 minutes to think over what you just read, ask yourself some questions, and plan for some action. Life is beautiful and exciting. Don't be a horse in a barn. Be what you were made to be. Be an Equus ferus. Be a wild horse.


After years of testing, after all experiences as a professional racing driver, an entrepreneur, a Neuro-Linguistic Programming Coach, and simply a human being that wants to grow, I've narrowed down a set of skills that help me win the day, the week, and the game of life.


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