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Simeon Ivanov:  I remember asking you, you had a very profound experience in one of the ceremonies and you got a very deep understanding of something that you couldn't get to before. And I remember asking you whether you would have been able to get to that understanding with self-work and meditation and you said that maybe you would with, I don't know, years and years of work, but the difference would be that what you got through Ayahuasca was actually experiencing your life with this shit happening in your life, years and years and years, and seeing the result of doing the wrong thing. Which, no matter how much you meditate on at least our level of meditation what we're able to get, how deep we're able to get with meditation, and no matter how much you read and no matter how many people tell you about it, it will just scratch the surface, as you said.

Dimitar Ivanov: Yeah, Ayahuasca is really intense and you really go very, very deep. So you do experience these things as if they happened, and to all the listeners who don't know what Ayahuasca is, just Google it.

Just kidding, I'll tell you. It's this Amazonian brew, it's like a tea that's boiled from different plants, Amazonian plants, and it's really very strong psychedelic and when you take it, it just feels as if like a hole opens in space and time and you just fall in it and there everything is warped. Time is warped and space, and you just see everything you need to see and not necessarily what you want to see and what you want to experience. So it's a very intense way to teach you the lessons that you personally need to learn, and it's quite interesting. There are a lot of resources about it online. But it is definitely a very intense experience and I don't think you can get the same lessons across without it. And usually people don't know what they have to do.

I mean if I go and just knock on my neighbor's door right now and say "I know this friend of yours, I'm not going to tell you who, he has this problem, he feels like shit, he doesn't feel good in his body, and he's just tired all the time, he's a really, really close friend but let's just not tell you who he is, what should he do?"

You're like "Well make him stop drinking, he should be eating well, get him to exercise three times a week,"

And then like "Okay yeah that's you, do it."

I think everybody knows what they need to do. So you know you need to meditate, you know you need to work out, you know you need to eat well, but you don't do it. So I guess it's the same with Ayahuasca and some of the lessons of course they're are on a much deeper level, but even if you know it in a way but still go out and experience it, Ayahuasca really drives it in in a quite painful way that is hard to forget afterward.





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