Think Like a Tourist to Achieve Anything | Teodora Burgazlieva on 0.1%

Teodora Burgazlieva:  When I moved to the states, I was this shy, young girl, who never worked a day in her life. I didn't know where to start, I didn't know anyone. My family was back in Bulgaria. I was on my own. I was so shy, I was even scared to ask for a job, and I needed a job. I needed to start something in order to survive in America, right?

So, what I did was just imagine I am here as a tourist, I'm enjoying this new place, this new city, and everyone that I'm meeting right now is just a new friend, and I was approaching everyone in a very, very positive way, without any expectations. Just like, "Hi, can you tell me more about what you're doing? Tell me more about your culture. Tell me more about your country and you know how diverse LA is, so I was meeting people from all around the world. In the beginning I didn't even speak English well. I don't even speak English well right now, but it's much better, and I met a girl from Russia, and thank God I knew Russian, so she helped me a lot with finding a job and everything. The whole time I was just imagining that I'm tourist, I'm temporary here, maybe I can go back to Bulgaria and maybe I can stay, whatever.

So, I didn't have any expectations. I was myself like fully without thinking what people will think of me. I was not scared that someone will judge me or that tomorrow people will have a certain opinion of me. I was just 100% myself. Open to learn more and really enjoyed my stay in LA, and all the doors were opening for me. So when I was going to a job interview, for example, I wasn't nervous as the rest of the people there, because I knew that if it doesn't work out, I can just go back to Bulgaria and it's okay. No one will even remember me. So I was there asking questions, asking people about their experience, all about them, and I realized that that's the right way to approach anything in life. When you are meeting new friends, when you are meeting your new coworkers, when you are applying for a job, just think as a tourist, be open, and know that if it doesn't work out, it doesn't matter. No one matter but you, that's it.

So I even had a little ritual when I will go out of my building in the morning, I will always park my car under a palm tree where I can see the sign of Sunset Boulevard, which will remind me that you know I'm in LA. This beautiful place with palm trees, with the ocean, Sunset Boulevard out there, so I was right away in the mood of like experiencing my vacation and I was really in a mood like a tourist that is exploring a new place. Not like the person who's trying to create their home in a new country, not at all.

Simeon Ivanov: And what if you're back in Bulgaria, let's say in Sofia, and people know about you and there is no Sunset Boulevard sign. How would you approach that same thing?

Teodora Burgazlieva:  So if I go back to Bulgaria, and I often do, what I will do will probably put a nice painting of a beach or something that will remind me every morning that life is just a vacation and you're a tourist every day of your life. You had this chance today. You are here, maybe you're not going to be here two minutes from now, maybe something will happen. Just enjoy that moment, enjoy everything about that moment, ask a lot of questions, and see people as new people every day, even I thought that I know a lot about my parents, but every time that I go to Bulgaria and I'm approaching them as like they're new people to me, I start asking them questions about their life before they got married. I have learned so much about them.

Now we had a chance to spend some time with my mom while she was helping us with the twins for four months. For the first time, she was without my dad for four months, right? So we had beautiful conversations at dinner and I realized that we think we know people well, but people are evolving every day. They're changing every day. So keep asking questions, you need to be interested and you'll learn so much more. You will expand everything, like your intellect, you'll help them receive you in a different way and be more open towards you when you're interested in their life. So that's my secret.


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