3 Reasons Why I'm Getting Rid of My Tesla Model X P100D

I've dreamed of having a Tesla Model X P100D for over a year. And now I've had it for a year and today is actually the last day I'm driving it. Here's why.

For me there were 3 really important reasons for which I wanted to get rid of my Tesla Model X. And don't get me wrong, I love this car. I think it's one of the best cars ever made. It's so amazing that it's just the third car that Tesla made and it's near perfect. I've driven a hundred different cars throughout the years and the Model X is by far one of the best. But there are a few minor things that I want to share with you. Things that are not even necessarily connected to the car but are very important to me and my family.

Reason #1: Get rid of everything you are not using

The first very important reason for getting rid of my Tesla Model X was basically - getting rid of everything I'm not using. And yes - I do use this car, but I don't use the huge battery that makes the car so crazy in acceleration (Insane Mode). I think I've tried this twice for a year - maybe I'm getting old ;) I also don't use the self-driving capabilities.

So, my logic here is: no matter how much money you have,  get rid of everything you don't use. If I don't use the huge powerful battery, why should I pay for it? If I don't use the self-driving capabilities - why should I pay for that too?

And you might ask, why did I get a Model X P100D in the first place, and that would be a great question. I don't know ... I was thinking HUGE. I wanted the "best", the most expensive, I was an idiot. But at the end of the day, we don't use so many of the things we buy and even so many of the things that we used to dream of. So, be careful what you dream of because sometimes it's not the right thing for you and might later end up disappointed of your foolish dream. But as long as you learn from your mistakes and stop repeating it, I think you'll be fine.

So, for me, it was comparing the Tesla Model X P100D to a BMW X5 or a Mercedes GLS. If I get the smallest engine from any of those two cars, which are still amazing cars - luxurious, comfortable, safe, and probably ride even smoother than the Tesla, I can then invest this $1,500 difference per month in our long-term investment portfolio. Thinking about that and realizing how much more peace of mind this would create for me and my family, knowing that we are investing our money in our future, instead of spending it on something I don't use - it really makes me feel so much better in my everyday life.

In my book 0.1% I'm giving an example of how ditching a few glasses of wine per week can make you a multimillionaire in 40-50 years. This is the same example. Except it's a much bigger one because the expense is much bigger. Once I started getting into the investor's mind, I really started honoring money more and thinking -  "If I don't spend money on that and I invest it instead, what can I get out of it in the long term."

Reason #2: Damn, this sunroof!!!

That's the one thing I thought I'd love the most which I actually ended up hating the most. That's the huge sunroof on top. Yes, if you live in a cloudy place where the sun doesn't shine 99.9% of the year (like in LA) that might not be a huge problem, but otherwise ... The huge sunroof of the Tesla Model X accumulates so much heat and brings so much light into the coupe that you really start feeling uncomfortable for rides longer than 15 minutes. Even with the mesh that Tesla provides for free to stop some of the heat and the light, it still feels very uncomfortable and I would really prefer having a proper roof above our heads.

Reason #3: What a great reason to get rid of your car! :)

The third reason is my favorite. It's something super unexpected that happened to me and my wife. When I first got the car, I got it with the intention of using it for our future family.  My wife and I were just about to get married and we were planning to have a baby. I knew the Tesla Model X was one of the safest (if not the safest) cars out there so for me this was a huge motivation to get it. 

So I got the 6-seater which has 2 seats at the second row and 2 seats at the third row and nothing in-between. And the big surprise was that my wife did get pregnant month ago and when we went to the doctor, she said: "Alright, you are pregnant. There's your baby ... Wait a minute! What's that? I think that's another baby ..."

My wife was pregnant with twins!!! :) That's obviously the most amazing thing and it's also one of the main reasons why we are getting rid of the Tesla. Because if we put the two baby car seats at the back, then there's no room for my wife to sit next to the babies and we would really prefer to have someone near them while we are on the road in the first months of their development. 

So, let's recap:

Reason #1: Investing and not using what you are paying for

Reason #2: The sunroof which I thought would be the most amazing feature of the Model X (I hated it)

Reason #3: Us expecting our amazing babies :)

Something to think about

I want to invite you to think about your expenses and the things you are paying extra for that you don't use or need. It doesn't need to be your car or something huge. It can be bottled water - I realized a few months ago how much money I was spending on that instead of investing it or just having fun with it. Or it can be alcohol, cigarettes, or anything else that doesn't bring any value to your life experience but you are spending your hard-earned money on which doesn't make any sense at all. 

Instead of stressing out about your future and your financial situation, you can make small changes in your lifestyle that can create a huge difference in the future. Most importantly though, this would make you feel much more content as you live your everyday life. 

My friend, until I see you again,  do give your best and never stop dreaming!

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