RICH VS POOR PEOPLE (You can't handle the truth)

Rich VS Poor People (You can't handle the truth)
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What's the difference between rich and poor people? Do you know why you are not rich yet? Because you can’t handle the truth!

Do you know what many people do when they feel bad about themselves and their financial situation? No, they don’t take responsibility and get to work. Instead, they take out their credit card and pay $5 to sit on the couch and watch Titanic.

What happened there? In many of the Titanic movie scenes, we see the poor are downstairs dancing, happy and having the time of their lives. And then we see the rich upstairs, stiff and boring and grumpy. I don’t want to be upstairs. I want to live, I want to have passion, I would rather be poor than stay with those rich bastards.

But is that reality or are we being sold a lie? Hollywood has always liked this story of the rich villain. Like Tywin Lannister from Game of Thrones. The richest guy in the seven kingdoms.

Well, I am here to tell you that we are being sold a LIE. The lie that wealth is synonymous to GREED. That to be rich you need to run over everyone else. That you need to choose between being RICH and being a GOOD PERSON.

A week ago I published an interview with Grant Cardone in which he said: “God wants you to be rich”.

People reacted like: “I see federal prison in your future.” “Money is fake.” “God wants us to be poor. It says so in the bible.”

So, now it’s not only your family your friends and Hollywood but also God wants you to be poor and struggling?!

Take a moment for that to sink in. God wants you to be poor. God wants you to struggle. How does believing something like that affect your life? When did it become honorable to be poor and a sin to be prospering? Why would God want you to be poor? Why are most religions selling us this story? Why is Hollywood selling us this story?

The answer is simple. Because this story sells. It sells an easy choice. You don’t have to do anything to be poor. But this single easy decision today hides a great amount of suffering and regret in the future.

“Well, yes but it says so in the bible!” Alright. But let’s all agree on the fact that the bible was written thousands of years ago. So, bible and money advice in the 21st century don't go well together. And yes, you can keep your faith in God and still do what’s best for your family and the world around you – which includes not being poor. Like it or not, money is oxygen.

Oprah and Joel Osteen believe in God. What kind of God wants you to live a crappy life? The answer? There is no such God.

“Yea, but money doesn't buy happiness. And life’s not just about money!” Of course, it’s not! It’s also not just about struggling to pay the bills!

“Yes, but money doesn’t solve all your problems!” Of course, it doesn’t. But it solves most of your problems. Problems that all poor people have like – being able to afford shelter, food, healthcare, education.

You might think that the rich are greedy. Some are. But a lot of poor people are greedy too - they only think about themselves.

Maybe you weren’t able to handle the truth until now. Maybe you’ve been brainwashed into poverty or mediocrity.

But now you have a choice to make. A decision what you want to believe in.

You CAN and you DESERVE to be rich! And it’s time to do something about it!

Let's get rich!

* * *
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