Procrastination is costing you $32,500 a year! Here's how to STOP PROCRASTINATING.

You are flushing $32,500 a year because of your procrastination habit. Here's how you can stop procrastinating right now and never go back to that nasty habit again.

It's crazy how much money procrastination is actually costing us. Very few of us ever think about that. But it turns out that if you are making the average U.S. hourly wage of $25, the cost of procrastination might be about $32,500 a year (if you procrastinate for 5 hours a day, which unfortunately is very common).

Imagine how much great stuff you can do with that amount of money. You can create your financial freedom. You can build an amazing business. you can feed millions of starving kids. You can. But you need to stop procrastinating first.

And the financial part is only a small piece of the equation. Because research has been showing us over and over again that procrastination is linked to anxiety, low levels of self-esteem and depression. And all these are not very pleasant.

Apparently, procrastination doesn't vanish thanks to motivation. Fear is not the assassin of procrastinating either.

There is one major tip in the video which you've probably never heard about before that will help you deal with much of your procrastination. You'll be surprised when you see it.

But here are also a few practical tips to overcome procrastination:
1) Make it easy to do the right things and hard to do the wrong things (the 20-second rule)
2) Break down large projects into small actionable tasks (that's a great productivity tip)
3) Organize your home and your office (read David Allen's book and my book - links below)

As I mentioned in the video, if you can't afford to buy my book, send me a message on Instagram and I'll send you the book for free. Don't make excuses why you won't read it. Read it! It will change your life!


I hope you enjoyed this video on how to stop procrastinating and wasting time. Stay tuned for more videos on how to create success, health, and happiness your life.

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