Personal Development – Why It Doesn’t Work For You

Personal Development is like oxygen. It brings vitality to our being. We all want to grow in all key areas of our lives. And so, we rightfully pursue our own path of Personal Development with great excitement and hope. And very often we get disappointed. Why? Because it doesn’t work for us.

The biggest lie in Personal Development

“I’ve read 50 books, attended 10 seminars, did 5 online courses and I’m still not far from where I started. I’m frustrated! I’ve spent so much money! That’s all bulls..t!”

So many people are in that place. I was there too. 99% of people go through that stage and many stay there forever. But we don’t want to be part of this statistic.

Do you? Read on!

The biggest lie in Personal Development is this. Are you ready?


There you are. Problem solved. You can now stop wasting time in researching and testing 100 programs and instead, stick to one that sounds and looks reasonable. Guess why? Because it will work.

How Personal Development works

Personal Development is not magic (in most cases at least). It's a lot of discipline and a just little strategy. A professional coach can give you the strategy that will work 99% of the cases (if he is a professional) but he cannot take the actions instead of you.

So, if you are one of those people who says - “I’ve tried Vipassana meditation for a week and it doesn’t work. I’ll try something else.”, slap yourself in the face and WAKE UP! Are you awake? Good. Let’s continue.

Almost all Personal Development strategies work. Some better than others of course, depending on the quality of the program and your personal characteristics and physiology. But they work and they will bring you the benefits you are looking for. The problem is that we are impatient. Also, we want to do something advanced and fancy cause it will make us look cool in front of our friends. And we decide to skip the basics. Worst of all, we decide to skip consistency.

If you are not consistent – GO HOME

Personal Development requires discipline and consistency the same way a flower requires water and your wallet requires cash. If you think that you can achieve growth by “trying” things for several days, you are kidding yourself. Cristiano Ronaldo didn’t become who he is by skipping morning practice. He worked on the basic moves day after day, hour after hour for most of his life. Tony Robbins didn't become a top speaker overnight. He practiced the same damn things for over 30 years. You will have to do the same if you want to be good at anything.

To get the benefits from meditation – pick any simple practice (TM Meditation, Vipassana Meditation, Headspace App or Omvana App, or whatever other practice you like) and keep working on it every day for at least 15m. If you do less than that – GO HOME. If you do more – you will become a champion in meditation. That I promise you.

To get the benefits of physical exercise, guess what you’ll need to do? Correct. Workout every single day (or at least 5 days a week). Try to do that (and do it right) for 30m in 30 consecutive days and then come back and tell me that the program you picked (any program) doesn’t work. I know you won’t cause you are not a liar.

The best news I have for you is that most people won’t be as disciplined as you are and you will soon start to feel dominance in the area that you are trying to excel at. I know you are competitive in that way, and that’s fine.

What to do

What we all need to do is simple. Stop lying to ourselves and start making a move. Do we have our goals in writing? Yes. Have we picked a simple Personal Development strategy that is used by people who have already gotten the results we seek? Yes. Are we going to execute day after day? Oh, yes we are!

Here you go. This is your newest guide to Personal Development. It doesn't need to be complex to work. Quite the opposite. The simpler it is, the better. So, start with the simple things and get yourself moving. No excuses. It’s for your own good. Once you have stepped up to a new level, you can look for a more advanced technique that will bring you up to the next one. And then you’ll repeat that same process.

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