Minimalism Decluttering Motivation - I can't believe I threw that away...


You must probably throw away 90% of the things you own. Here's why.

In this episode, I want to talk to you about minimalism and hopefully give you some decluttering motivation.

I won this trophy as a professional racing driver 15 years ago. Since then, I've moved 6 times and I've been carrying around about 20 of those in huge boxes. I even shipped several of my trophies from Bulgaria all the way to Los Angeles. There's a ton of history behind every single trophy that I have.

This is for Best Racing Driver of The Year.

This is for winning the South East European Championship.

And the list goes on and on, and with each trophy, there is a strong emotional connection related to the effort, the passion, and the struggle that it took to win that.

So, I got attached to these trophies and I carried them around for 15 years.

But lately, I started feeling something weird. I started feeling that all of these things that I'm carrying around in huge boxes are not really contributing to the quality of my life. Quite the contrary - they are actually damaging it. Now, how can that be the case?

Well first, they make it harder for me and my family to move - quite a few more huge boxes to carry around.

Second, they keep me attached to the past, instead of helping me stay present. They keep me attached to the image of who I was 15 years ago. And focusing on that past image has never brought much value to my life. Staying present, on the other hand, always helps me to overcome emotional struggle and to move the needle forward for the things that I want to achieve right now.

The third thing - these things create clutter not only in my home but also in my mind. The more things there are in a room, the more distraction there is going to be. The more distraction there is, the more anxiousness there is going to be. And the more anxiousness, the lesser the quality of your life.

The last time we moved houses was last month, and my wife and I decided to give away, throw or leave behind a ton of things, including our TV screen which we never used and also our bed. Yes, we no longer have a regular bed in our new home and that has been an incredibly positive change for us which I believe everyone should test for themselves. If you are interested, I can tell you more about it in a future episode. Just let me know in the comments below.

However, today I want to take this a step further. I've decided to do something which I thought I would never do. Today, I'm going to throw away all of my racing trophies.

When I shared my decision with a few of my friends, they told me I was completely crazy. How can you do that?

But think about the following. Look around you for a second and see how many things there are that bring zero value to your life. Try to count them and let me know in the comments below. Open the drawers, check-in your closet, think about the furniture you don't use and need.

How much money have you spent on these things? And how much do these things weigh? Not just physically, but also emotionally.

If you declutter your home from everything that doesn't make you feel happier, you'll see that you actually become happier just because of that simple action. Why?

Because you make more space, both physical and emotional for what really matters to you. You focus your attention on what brings you value and what makes you happier.

Here's how I suggest you do it. Go around your home, pick up every single object and ask yourself - does this thing bring me value and happiness? And if the answer is no, put it in a place to get it ready to throw it away.

Thank you for watching this episode on minimalism and decluttering motivation. Stay tuned for the next episode.

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