Leaving California? DON'T, BEFORE YOU WATCH THIS!

Leaving California? Joe Rogan, Graham Stephan, and Ben Shapiro did.
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Joe Rogan left California.

Graham Stephan is leaving California.

Ben Shapiro is leaving California.

What’s the hell is happening?

It’s obvious that a lot of big names on YouTube who live in California are leaving California.

And that creates two questions.

First, should you leave California if you are living here?

And second, should you move to California if you are living somewhere else?

All the hate that California got in the past months has definitely led to a lot of people considering leaving or not coming to California.

From homelessness, fires, high real estate prices, bad education system, and more.

So if you are living here, you might have started feeling bad about your decision.

And if you’ve ever considered moving to California, you’ve probably crossed that option out of your list.

So as a person who moved to California 3 years ago and who is still living here, I want to give you a different perspective and why leaving or not moving to California might be a bad choice.



That’s only partly true. When Joe Rogan, Graham Stephan, and Ben Shapiro talk about the homelessness problem, they talk about L.A. And I’ve lived in L.A. and yes, things are pretty bad and are getting worse. San Francisco is pretty bad too. But L.A. and San Francisco are not California. And I moved out of L.A. for pretty much the same reasons – bad air quality, traffic, homelessness, and overpaying for housing.

And now I still live in California just 40 miles south where none of these problems really exists. And this place feels like heaven compared to L.A. or any other U.S. city that I’ve visited so far.

So, that’s not true. Not all of California has bad traffic. Not all of California has a homelessness problem. And not all of California is dirty or badly managed.

In fact, the city of Irvine where I live right now is rated one of the best places in the U.S. to raise a family. And it’s probably one of the safest, cleanest, and greenest parts of the United States.


That’s true. At 13.3% for those at the highest income bracket, California eats up a big percent out of your pocket if you don’t take advantage of tax write-off by using real-estate investments. Check out Meet Kevin’s video where he explains how he’s able to pay much less in taxes by using his real estate investments. I’ll put a link to his video below. Cheers for that, Kevin! Amazing video!

But let me ask you this – if you are already financially free, if you have ten times more money than you, your children, and your grandchildren would ever need, why would you care if you’re going to pay 5, 10, or even 15% more in taxes? What difference is that going to make on your bottom line?

My question here is this – why would you move to a place that is probably not your best option in terms of quality of life, just because you would save more money than you would never really need… ever!

And some people here say – well, I want to save and invest even more money so that someday I can go and do X, Y and Z.

But here’s the problem with that. The people in the top tax bracket already have the money and freedom to do X, Y, and Z if they’ve invested consistently throughout the years.

And even if they don’t, consider the following. You are making long term plans, let’s say you decide to move to your second best place to live so you can save more money and one day live in the place where you actually dream of living. Let’s say you give yourself 5 years to achieve that. So you move to that place, you get to work, you save and invest for 4 years and you are almost there, and then 5 days before you are ready to move to your dream place, a bus hits you and you die…

That’s called life my friend. It’s not waiting for anyone and it doesn’t care about your long-term plans or what tax bracket you are in.

My point is this. Yes, you must be smart about how you handle your money. Yes, you must not overpay for what you get. Yes, you must try to secure your financial freedom as fast as possible. BUT, not at the expense of your current quality of life. Because at the end of the day, you only have this moment to live.

Does this mean that California is a great place to live? That depends on your personal preference.

Does it mean that I’ll live in California forever? Until I find an even better place, yes. But I will not pick the second best because the taxes there are lower.

But I want you to come out with these two key points in mind:

First - L.A. is not California. And second – you only have one life to live. Make sure you put the quality of your life as a top priority.

And California has a lot to offer in terms of great quality of life. It has the best weather in the U.S. It’s arguably the most beautiful place to live in after maybe Hawaii. The people in California are amazing. Whatever you’ll ever need California has to offer. If you are making good money, you have access to great healthcare, great education, amazing food, entertainment, and pretty much everything one can ever dream of.

Of course, everyone values different things at the different stages of their life. So always go within when you are seeking for answers. Don’t take other people’s opinions blindly, because they are just that – opinions. And if you found your heaven anywhere on this planet and they are asking you to pay 90% in taxes, then maybe that’s a price worth paying for your entry ticket.

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