How to LOVE YOURSELF and be confident (my struggles at 31)

How to love yourself and be confident. In this video, I share my struggles at 31.
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We all go through difficult periods of our lives. Some are more difficult to digest than others. Ultimately though, most of us rise to the surface and these moments pass for better times to come.

But what if most of these issues come from one single major problem that we haven't resolved within ourselves? What if all the anxiety and stress are linked to a simple thing that we can change with a simple shift in our everyday lives?

That was my experience with a lack of self-love. I was dealing with stress, anxiety, even depression, only to realize that the key to happiness was within me this whole time. Beyond the surface of all these negative feelings was the lack of self-love.

I realized that during a special retreat I took a part in almost one year ago. This experience opened up my mind and showed me how to love myself and be confident again even in the toughest moments.

Learning to love yourself is a meta-skill. It opens up new possibilities in all other key areas of life. It also gives you a tool to go through tough moments much easier. Because if you love yourself, you see everything else with much clearer eyes. You see problems as challenges. You feel that you have what it takes to resolve them. On the contrary, if you constantly feel guilt and shame, or self-judgment, it's hard to see opportunities in tough times.

This is why I implemented simple daily practices that help me show myself appreciation, gratitude, and self-love. Because, how are we supposed to know that we love ourselves if we do nothing to prove it, right? Reality is as real as our actions are.

You must learn how to love yourself!

You'll enjoy this video if you are looking to solve any of these questions:
- How to love yourself again
- How to love and value yourself more
- How to love yourself after a breakup
- How to love yourself unconditionally
- How to accept yourself
- How to like yourself

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