HOW TO LIVE A HAPPY LIFE: I picked $15,000,000 instead of happiness

How to live a happy life. I picked $15,000,000 instead of happiness. Here's what happened.
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The red pill or the blue pill? You want to be rich or you want to be happy? Which one do you choose? What a dumb question! Yet so many of us live in that lie our whole lives!

In this episode I’m going to give you the exact process for how to live a happy life. I’m also going to share with you exactly why you are not living up to your potential for health, happiness and success and how you can change that starting today.

What’s up everyone. Welcome to 0.1%. You are here because you want to crush mediocrity and create the richest, healthiest, happiest version of yourself. My name is Simeon Ivanov. I’ve built an 8-figure business, wrote the most actionable personal growth book, and raced the fastest machines on the planet as a professional racing driver. Today, my mission is to help you upgrade every important area of your life to levels you’ve never experienced before. I don’t have everything figured out yet but I’m dedicating my life to change that. Join me on this journey!

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Our comment of the day from our interview with Grant Cardone is from Mr AmirHossein Bm who wrote: “Love the interview and love the hate in comments to see how it looks like to be in such a level of mindset that so many people can not understand or agree with. “

Thanks Amir. I agree and I’m happy that you are making positivity louder than hate by sharing your voice.

Allright, let’s get right into the topic of today.

You see there is a crappy misconception going all around us that we can’t have it all. And even those who believe they can have it all are getting it all wrong. Why? Because the truth is that you MUST have it all if you want to live a happy life.

Stay until the end and I’ll give you a step-by-step system to learn how to live a happy life, and get healthy and rich all at the same time. I went through the process myself. I’ve thought other people how to do the same, and today it’s your time to join the 0.1% club. It’s time you stop living a mediocre life and build an exciting life you will be proud to share with your grandkids one day.

During my early life, I was surrounded by poverty and mediocrity. And that quickly became my set mindset. I was thought that I couldn’t have it all. That if I was to become rich I had to sacrifice my happiness. That opportunities are limited and that I don’t really have much talent to be great at anything.

Then when I turned 15 I started racing in karting. This hobby quickly turned into a profession when I won the South East European Championship in my first season as a pro racing driver. After winning multiple international championships I was picked to race in Formula Renault. I became one of the few drivers in the world to reach a step below Formula 1 in just a 5-year career.

What did the silly kid with no confidence learn from this experience? Well, more than anything I learned that I could achieve something great if I put my mind to it.

So, here I was, a 19-year-old kid who became a racing champion but had no money in his pockets. And I wanted to have lots of money. So, I quit racing and I decided to go into business. My older brother and I joined forces and for years, we would work our asses off just to keep our heads above the water and be able to pay salaries to our small team. 

Step by step, our company started growing, eventually turning into a beast that was making over $15m in annual sales.

I was just 26 years old then. So, that was it. I had figured it out, right?

Well, not really. The moment I came down from the “treadmill” after working 100+ hour weeks for years, when we finally paid all debts and gave ourselves our first serious paychecks, I looked back and realized my life sucked more than ever before.

I was living in an amazing penthouse apartment. I was driving the most expensive Range Rover. I could fly business class to any exotic place in the world. I had a personal assistant, a few personal drivers and two people taking care of my security every minute of every day. But there was one thing I couldn’t figure out how to do: I couldn’t unsuck my life. I couldn’t buy my way to happiness.

Thanks to my great ambition to make lots of money, my relationships with friends and family were broken. And so was my health. I realized I hadn’t traveled or read a single book in years. I hadn’t done anything else but worked.

I realized I had been poor and relatively happy as a kid. Then I’d pushed extremely hard to switch that around. And I was perfectly rich and miserable now. My life was broken. So, at the age of 26, I was officially “successful” and depressed.

During those few months — I call them the “lost months of my life” — I didn’t pick up the phone, didn’t go out, didn’t do any work. I didn’t see any meaning in anything that I was doing anymore, since it was never leading to the life experience I was ultimately looking for. I was sleeping all day and hiding from the world, afraid even to answer a call. My family was freaking out.

It was then when I realized life’s not just about making lots of money and achieving success.

One day I woke up and saw this book on top of the dining room table. It was greasy, and half-covered with pizza boxes and paper napkins. I remembered my brother pushing it into my hands a few weeks earlier when he came to visit me. He said something like, “Just read the beginning.”

I pulled the book out, brushed the crumbs off, and looked at the cover. It was The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey. I was pessimistic, but I thought, Why not? I’ll read the beginning. 

By the time I finished the first chapter, I had to read the second one. And then the next one. And then the whole book. Stephen Covey taught me something very simple that day. It was the fact that we are the programmers of the games we play.

I felt like I’d just woken up from a very long sleep.

I started asking myself questions. What do I really want? What will make me happy? What will make my life exciting? Can I also be successful at the same time? Do I really need to compromise? Can’t I have it all?

I spent the next few months reading book after book and diligently applying all the different techniques proposed by the authors.

My depression vanished in no time, and I was back on track, running my business better than ever before.

But there was more. Something was starting to open up for me. The idea that there was another level in life that I could reach if only I found a simple guide, a system that would guarantee me the best of what life had to offer. No compromises. No mediocrity. I decided I was going to find a way to create and sustain the best of everything that was important in my life: health, relationships, mission, emotions, finance, adventures. Success with fulfillment — at the same time.

So I started searching. I read a hundred of the best books and took some amazing online courses. I went to some of the top seminars. I studied and modeled the most influential leaders. I even went as far as going through a half-year program to get certified as a Neuro-Linguistic Programming Coach. I spent years of my life and a significant amount of my income in my search.

The results were incredible. But there was no answer to my question. Everything I was learning was amazing. But it wasn’t complete for me. It wasn’t sustainable enough by itself. 

So I continued my search.

One day, things just started clicking. I had accumulated awareness, experience, knowledge, tools, skills, and by mixing and experimenting with different strategies, I stumbled on what looked like a scrappy system that made achieving much bigger goals possible. And more importantly, it made me feel like I’m the happiest man on Earth every single day.

The system was bulletproof. No matter what I was going through, it was there to keep me on track and to make sure that I’m living the life I was dreaming of for so long. Best of all, it was so simple by design, a little kid could learn to use it and reap all the benefits.

I had found the answer to my question. And it was a YES. You and I could have it all at the same time without compromise.

I decided to give my system a go. I would integrate it fully for a few months, and I would coach a few friends to do it together with me. The results were ... extraordinary.

To name a few:

All of us started closing significantly more deals and making more money.

The wives of my friends called me to ask what the hell happened to their husbands — they were surprisingly happy and supportive.

We all found the time to read and expand our knowledge more than ever before.

All of us “magically” found time to sleep more and had much more energy.

We all experienced unmatched levels of happiness, confidence, and peace.

We all gained the courage to dream unreasonably big (by all standards) and to take significant steps toward those bold dreams.

The only one of us who smoked successfully stopped smoking.

We all started following healthy diets, which turned into healthy lifestyles.

Two of us went from fat bastards to getting a six-pack. ...and many more results.

I was shocked! And so was everybody else. The system worked! Not only did it completely transform each key area of our lives at the same time, but we could feel the massive difference if we went without the system for even a day.

Simply put, life sucked when we didn’t use it. That’s how powerful it was. Best of all, whenever life punched any of us in the face, the system was there, ready to help us bounce back and keep going stronger than ever before.

I started realizing that most professional and personal development books, courses, and seminars fail to deliver on their incredible lessons and content because of the lack of systems. They give you a list of fifty things you must do (often extremely ambitious), and they motivate you to go all-in. You get pumped for a few weeks or months, and you deliver until the motivation wears off. And then you stop, never to return. Until the next book, course, or seminar. It’s an addiction that makes you go around in circles instead of constantly climbing toward the life you want to experience.

Setting extreme goals is amazing. It’s even better to follow through on them. But what’s best is to have a system that always keeps you on track.

Life is a game. And this game is getting more and more complex the more freedom technological advancements are allowing us to experience. There are just way too many options and distractions to choose from. If you don’t implement a bulletproof system to run your own life, you will never become a player in this game. The game will be playing you.

If the top 1% are those people who are very successful at achieving financial abundance, there is only 0.1% who know how to do that while staying healthy and experiencing life to the fullest at the same time.

We’ve all seen people who are filthy rich but lead poor lives without much sense of joy and excitement. We know that guy or girl with the expensive car that finds it physically challenging to step out of the driving seat because they are “too busy to exercise and eat healthy.”

That’s a big part of the so-called “top 1%” that many of us are so jealous about ... I don’t want to be a part of that group. Do you?

At the same time, we all know the ones who are all about healthy living or having fun but forget to take care of their money game. And when life happens (someone gets sick, kicked out of work, or just wants to send their kids to a good school), they find themselves profoundly miserable and dive into regret mode.

You see, we are all trying way too hard to become something we don’t want. No matter where we are in life, we are blindly grinding to summit the wrong peak, not realizing there are better mountains to climb. We don’t realize that we can start a journey that would actually make us both successful and fulfilled. Such is the journey to 0.1%.

Being a part of the 0.1% is not about being better than someone. It doesn’t mean making more money than 99.9%. It means making more money than you’ll ever need to live the life you dream of living. It means using the maximum potential you were given for experiencing happiness and perfect health. The members of the 0.1% Club don’t compete with the rest. They compete with the best they could ever be. And that’s by far the toughest, most meaningful competition you could ever face.

The 0.1% Club plays a whole different game. It’s not about being financially free. It’s not about being healthy. It’s not about living a happy, exciting life. It’s about all those things together. That’s a whole new approach to life, my friend.

I’ll share with you something very personal that I haven’t shared with anyone before. If there’s one thing I’m really scared of in life, it’s regret. I’m terrified of it. I’m so afraid of this vision ... I’m seventy years old, I look back and see all the things that could have been but never turned into a reality ... because of me.

The 0.1% Club is all about living life with no regret. It’s all about reaching the heights of your given potential in the fields that matter to you. You have no idea how much more happiness and excitement you can experience. You cannot even imagine how successful and fulfilled you can become. And you can feel vibrant and energetic throughout the whole journey.

Just stop for a second and ask yourself these questions. Who needs me to rise above the simple struggles of life? Who needs me to be financially free? Who needs me to be happy, energetic, and excited about life?

And even if you already are super successful, even if you are a part of the top 1% — Don’t let your dreams stay buried under the comfort of your current success! And don’t look for excuses for why you can’t be, do, or have anything you want.

Life’s not a game where you only get to pick whether you want excellent health, financial abundance, or an amazing family life. You can have it all. In fact, you must have it all. You must be both successful and fulfilled to win the game. And you can start living this life sooner than you have ever imagined.

I’ve spent the last five years developing this system from scratch. I’ve tweaked it a thousand times, I’ve lived it day and night. I’ve coached people around the world to use it.

Today, this system is my life. It’s the one major thing that keeps me racing toward my dreams and makes every day of my journey feel like it’s the best gift I’ve ever received. And more importantly, it touches the lives of everyone else around me as well.

This system has helped me reshape my health, relationships, emotions, my finances, my business, and mission.

Right now, you are one step away from holding this system in your hands because I had put it in a book that I want to give to you for free. It’s your invitation ticket to the 0.1% Club.

I can’t put the whole thing into a video because it will be 10 hours and nobody will ever watch it so I want you to have the book instead after I give you the basics. 

Let me just quickly show you what you’ll end up with when you are done implementing the system. You’ll end up with a mobile app or a journal with 15 tasks that will be your checklist for the day and week. These are the simple, actionable tasks that make your life amazing. When you check off all or as many of them as you can every day, you’ll start seeing your life-transforming completely. You’ll be able to start making more money, to start building much more meaningful relationships, your health and energy levels will skyrocket, you’ll become happy to a point where others think you’re going crazy. Just try. It’s as simple as a kid's game and anyone can start doing it today.

Some of the habits that I’m talking about are very obvious, while others are things you might have never tried in your life – like taking a cold shower. I thought that was crazy before testing it out for a month. Since then, I’ve never stopped and haven’t gotten sick in years.

Other habits include, brave visualization, meditation, something I call success blocks which you’ll love, a practice I call the limitless action which will help you stop procrastinating and more.

Every habit is strategically included to give you a massive positive effect on every key area of your life. When you check one habit, it motivates you to complete another one and they feed each other into a positive loop which then feeds the quality of your life. It’s amazing how well it works.

This is not your typical e-book. It’s 340 pages of gold that’s being sold in bookstores and all major online platforms around the world like Amazon, Barnes and Noble and more. It took 3 years to develop this system and 1 year to write the book. The book costs $18 in paper and $9.99 as an e-book. And I want you to have it for free.

Why? Because I know it will help you… a lot. There is no catch and I won’t try to sell you anything after you get the book.

If you click the link below you will go to a page where you’ll be able to get the e-version of the book right now. You’ll only be asked to spend 50 cents as a handling fee so I can keep using the platform that hosts the book.

If you are going through a tough time financially and you don’t have 50 cents to spend, go to my website and send me an email or shoot me a message on Instagram and I’ll send you the book for free. I don’t want money to be the reason why you won’t read this book and implement the system in it.

My friend, I respect you immensely for your bravery to ask for more out of life. Be thrilled! There is more.

The promise of this system is straightforward. It will help you become the richest, healthiest, happiest version of yourself.

Where other books tell you what you should be doing, 0.1% will show you how to do it. Where other books tell you how to do it, 0.1% will give you a bulletproof system to help you actually go and do it.

Right now, it’s your turn to make a commitment.

Do you want to join the 0.1% Club and start crushing the game of life? Do you want to live a happy life where you have it all or you will let mediocrity consume your days? I know what your choice is. I know because you’ve stayed with me that far into this episode.

Stop for a second and take a deep breath...

There comes a moment in our lives when our dreams soar much higher than our fears and our limiting beliefs.

This moment is now!

You are ready!

Let’s do it!


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