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growth leader racing success Jul 10, 2017

When I started racing I used to go with my coach to many different tracks so I can learn and get better fast. But honestly, I was improving so slowly and it was only when we started going to the tracks with the very good drivers that I started improving fast.

Why is that?

I figured out that he thought me a very good lesson. Probably the best lesson I've ever learned in racing. And that was simply to follow the leader. So, we would see who the fastest driver on the track was and I would follow him for a couple of corners for as long as I could hold him. So, I would follow him at the beginning of the track and then next practice I would try to follow him at the middle of the track and so on. And I would get his pace and see all the strategies - how much speed he brings in the corners, where he brakes, what he does ... And I would copy that. Once I started doing that I started getting very close to the fastest drivers. Then I started lapping at the same pace as them. And then I started figuring out how can I bring something more, how can I break a little later, how can I bring a little more speed in the corners. And then I started winning for the first time.

So, how can you use this in your own life?

Wherever you go, look for the leader in the field you are interested at. Whatever it is (I literally just pick the best examples in ANYTHING). It might be a different person for each thing or it might be the same person. But ask yourself: "Is this person doing something better than me? Something that I care about ..." It could be absolutely anything.

In the past years all of my friends have been asking me: “How did you grow so fast in that area? How did you grow so fast overall? How did you change so much? You’re not the person we used to know.” And when I think about it, it’s just that simple thing I used in racing. The very same thing. I just follow the leader. It’s so simple. If I see someone doing anything better than me and I want to do it as he’s doing it – I’ll just do it.

And I don’t mean that you can copycat your way to success. You have to be different. You have to show your own personality. But first, get as good as the leader in the room. And once you get to their level, then you can find ways to improve. You can find out how you can break a little bit later. You can find out how you can bring a little more speed in the corners. And some day you'll find out that you do so many things better than all the leaders. Once you start doing that, you will become the best there is in your field and you will become the best version of yourself.

So, the only simple thing that I want to invite you to do today and to start doing from today on is to FOLLOW THE LEADER. I wish you best of luck and I’ll see you soon.

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