What To Do With Bullshit Feedback | Simeon Ivanov on 0.1%

Simeon Ivanov: ... obviously, you need to be smart and to think clearly and to listen to people's feedback but to constructive feedback. If someone says to you "That's bullshit." what do you do with that? If everyone in the world tells you that this is bullshit, then maybe it is bullshit. But if you think about it, people were telling Airbnb and Uber that their business ideas were bullshit. Investors were telling them that same thing and now they're one of the highest valued businesses in the whole world, and they're transforming how everything works. Sometimes you will be right, but even if you're not, you need to try, and make some mistakes, learn from them, do better next time. That's the same with our books. We wrote books, neither of ... nobody's a writer before he writes a book or anything. Right?

Teodora Burgazlieva: Exactly. I still not consider myself a writer.

Simeon Ivanov: Yeah, me neither. But you need to write a script, a first draft to be able to get better afterwards. Right?

I'm sure that if we ever write a second book, it will be much better than the first one. That's how you grow. If you never started this, then how would you even know whether you like writing or not. Is the same way every single thing. Since I came to the states, I've tried 10 different things to come to the conclusion that I want to do a podcast. If I didn't make a single podcast, the first one I did a few weeks ago with my brother, I wouldn't know how much I loved it. There was a high chance that I invested in some equipment and I did the first one and I hated it. Honestly, 99% of the people that I spoke with told me that this is crazy.

That it's such a competitive area. You will never succeed. You have Joe Rogan, you have Tim Ferriss, you have those guys who are so successful, why would anyone listen to you? It's true that you have a lot of competition, but that's... You have a lot of people to learn from. That's how I see it. If you do it because you love doing it, as it is with me and the podcast, then it really doesn't matter ...

Teodora Burgazlieva: How many people will listen to-

Simeon Ivanov: Well, it does matter how many people will listen,-

Teodora Burgazlieva: Really. Okay.

Simeon Ivanov: ... but I think that if you do it because you love it, then it's honest and people feel it and people will listen. Obviously, not everyone will be interested in what we have to say, or not everyone will benefit from what we have to share, but some people will, and that's enough for me.


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