BRAND STRATEGY (Secrets To Massive Profits & Impact)

Brand Strategy (Secrets To Massive Profits & Impact)
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In this Brand Strategy Masterclass, I'm going to teach you everything you need to know, from start to finish, to start building an extraordinary brand of your own.

There are numerous benefits to creating a brand name that stands out. Most important of all, the brand identity and brand messaging should be shaped in such a way that they provide value to your potential clients.

A brand identity should empower your clients to improve their lives. It should give them the belief and the knowledge needed to make this happen. In my case, the new identity that my brand gives people is such that empowers them to create financial freedom, time freedom, and mind freedom. What does your brand strategy aim to create for your clients?

When it comes to brand messaging, does your brand marketing communicate the goal of your organization or your personal brand in one simple, memorable sentence? Elon Musk and Space X say they want to send people to Mars. That's simple, memorable, and inspiring. With my company, United States of Zen, we say - we want to create the first city in the world focused on human advancement and quality of life. One again, simple, inspiring, memorable. What does your brand messaging convey to your audience?

Then we come to the most interesting part. How do you use branding strategy to make more profit? In this masterclass I'm showing you how you can create and automate much of your online business in such a way that it provide much more value and makes much more money with much less resources needed. This is done with an incredible software that I've been using for the past 4 years called Kajabi.

I believe when you are going through a brand design process or brand strategy workshops and tutorials, you must always think about creating a brand referral program. Referral programs should aim to gamify the interaction with your clients in a fun, and rewarding way. In my case, I've implemented an affiliate program that helps all my clients make money online in a very passive way. This way, I continue delivering on my personal brand mission - to help people get money, time, and mind freedom as fast as possible. In the same way, this allows me to create higher customer retention and to increase customer satisfaction.

Whether you're looking to brand yourself or do business branding, you must take a holistic approach and look at the bigger picture from the start. I believe this brand strategy masterclass will allow you to exactly that in order to create a strong, successful brand that not only generates bigger profits but also impacts many more lives around the world.

I've used all these branding strategies in all my businesses - from my medical business that's worth over $15M, to my personal brand, my online business, and now United States of Zen.

I'm excited to share all that knowledge with you for free and I'm looking forward to hearing your feedback in the comment section below.

Best wishes, my friend!


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Brand Strategy Masterclass - 00:00
The Importance of Building An Extraordinary Brand - 01:04
The Best Brands In The World - 07:23
Extraordinary Brand Strategy Framework - 12:12
Extraordinary Brand Messaging - 30:26
Extraordinary Brand Identity - 33:00
Profit From Your Brand Strategy - 41:40
Kajabi Automations For Maximum Profit & Impact - 54:33
Create The Best Referral Program For Your Brand - 1:19:11
Long Term Brand Strategy - 1:35:47
What Next - 1:38:35



Brand Strategy Masterclass

Welcome, my fellow Freedom Hacker! 

It’s great to have you here. Thank you for joining the Extraordinary Tribe Masterclass.

I’m excited to see you again and especially excited to have you in this academy. Why? Because what you are going to learn and implement in the following lessons is not only a great opportunity to elevate your Money and Time Freedom game to a whole new level, but also a massive responsibility to put your Freedom Hacking helmet on to create a more meaningful impact in this world.

In the following hours, we’re going to explore the best strategies behind movement or tribe creation. We’re going to see how the best business and personal brands have done it, I’m going to show you an in-depth behind the scenes of how we’re doing it and I’m going to teach you everything you need to know to start your own extraordinary tribe today.

This can easily be one of the best business moves you’ll ever make in your life so get ready, stay focused, and let the games begin.

I’ll see you in the first lesson!

The Importance of Building An Extraordinary Brand

Welcome back, my friend!

Creating your own Extraordinary Tribe is a must if you want to play the game at the top of your given potential.

First, let’s observe what an Extraordinary Tribe is.

To start, let’s see the definition of two related terms – tribe and movements.

A tribe is a social division in a traditional society consisting of families or communities linked by social, economic, religious, or blood ties, with a common culture and dialect, typically having a recognized leader.


A movement is a group of people working together to advance their shared political, social, or artistic ideas.

Since neither of the two is perfect for our purpose here, let’s reshape those into what we are going to understand as an Extraordinary Tribe from now on.

An Extraordinary Tribe is a group of people working together to achieve common, extraordinary interpersonal goals, and to bring a massive positive impact to the world by tackling one of the many major problems we are facing today. 

Let me give you an example of one such Extraordinary Tribe which you are actually already a member of.

Freedom Hackers are an Extraordinary Tribe working together to achieve Money, Time, and Mind Freedom and to bring a massive positive impact to the world by helping millions of people across the globe regain their own freedom.

Now why is an Extraordinary Tribe so important?

Simple answer. Because without it you are alone. And that’s a problem for several major reasons.

First – yes, you may be getting clients because you have a good product at a good price today. But tomorrow, someone will come to steal your clients by dumping their price or by offering one extra feature that you didn’t have. If people are part of your tribe, they’ll stay. Extraordinary Tribes build loyal clients that return again and again. Most businesses don’t have that and they fail.

Second – yes, you might be very smart and successful. But how much smarter and more successful could you be with 100 likeminded people by your side (even if they are your clients). Elon Musk spoke about superhumans that would be able to know and do 1,000 times more than people are able to do today. To everyone’s surprise, he said that this already exists – it’s called companies. A company with 1,000 people has the potential to be 1,000 times more competitive than a company of 1. Why? Because it has 1000 times more intelligence and physical and mental resource. The same applies to Extraordinary Tribes. 

Third – when you give your tribe members a new identity, you give them superpowers. I first learned that from Russel Brunson who gives some amazing examples in one of his Secrets books. Let me give you one popular example here. One a person is trying to stop smoking, they usually start counting the days they didn’t smoke and they brag “Oh I haven’t smoked for 15 days now.” Most of these people fail and start smoking soon after. The people who succeed are those people who adopt the identity of a non-smoker. They don’t count the days. They don’t say – “I haven’t smoked for 15 days.” They simply KNOW deep inside that they are non-smokers now. And if someone happens to ask, they might say – “I don’t smoke.” Why? Because that’s what non-smokers do. They just don’t smoke. In fact, they never do. So when you give people a new, uplifting, better identity, when they internalize it deeply, that’s a superpower. With this new superpower, you give them the chance to create a massive transformation in their lives and the lives of many others. And if you care for your people and your clients, you must want to do that.

Fourth – one of the superpowers comes from the new identity. But a second superpower comes from simple peer comparison. If you have 2 people in your Extraordinary Tribe who have achieved result X – let’s say they’ve made $1,000,000 in a single year, and you have the rest 98 people who used to believe this was impossible, guess what’s going to happen to that 98% of the group. If their peers who are no different than them achieved it, they’ll immediately adopt the belief that this is possible for them as well. That’s insanely powerful. You’ve probably heard of the popular story about the 4-minute mile. For decades everyone believed it was impossible to run a mile in under 4 minutes. Then in 1954 a 25-year old guy named Roger Bannister crushed that invisible barrier and did it in 3 minutes 59 seconds and 4 tenths. 65 years later that impossible achievement has been demolished by many others and now the new record stands at 3 minutes and 43 seconds. All it took was belief and for one person to achieve it so that many others can do it as well. The same applies to our Extraordinary Tribes.

These are just some of the many amazing benefits that an Extraordinary Tribe can bring for our lives, our businesses, and our amazing clients. So I hope that by now there is no doubt in your mind that this is something you must implement in your journey and start building as soon as possible.

With that said, let’s get into the strategies that will help you create your amazing Extraordinary Tribe. I’ll see you in the next video.

The Best Brands In The World 

Welcome back, my friend.

Before we begin building your Extraordinary Tribe, let’s study a few examples very quickly which you’ll be able to use as an inspiration for your own work here.

My favorite Extraordinary Tribe after Freedom Hackers is Space X. If you observe closely, you’ll see that every company created by Elon Musk is an Extraordinary Tribe on its own. Tesla is one. SpaceX is one. The Boring Company is one. Elon Musk himself is one.

If not for the Extraordinary Tribe concept, his Boring Company would never sell 1 million dollars in hats and 10 million dollars in flamethrowers in a matter of just a few days.

And if not for the Extraordinary Tribe concept, Elon Musk’s Space X was never going to be able to lure in the best talent in the world that could make his dream of making humans a multi-planetary species a reality.

Musk is an expert at bringing people together towards achieving an insane goal that will help better humanity. And that has saved his companies from collapse on multiple occasions. If his companies weren’t a movement, he was never going to get support by millions of raving fans, let alone from the U.S. government that bailed Tesla out at its toughest moments.

What about organizations that no longer have a leader behind them. Apple is one. While Steve Jobs was still alive he was able to create an Extraordinary Tribe of early adopters who did things differently and looked boldly in the future. Today, even after he’s gone, Apple is still able to capitalize on that momentum thanks to the incredible brand that Jobs was able to create early on. So even when they come out with a mediocre innovation that lacks some of the features of its competitors, people stay loyal to the brand because Apple has given them that unique identity that they associate themselves with.

What about Extraordinary Tribes in the personal growth industry. I can’t think of anyone better than Tony Robbins. The guy who makes you face your fears. The guy who takes you by the hand and makes you walk on fire. The guy who challenges you to raise your standards and become a force for good. The guy who makes you say YES 37,000 times during his live events. Tony is the KING of Extraordinary Tribes. Thanks to his massive influence I was able to come out of my depression and bring my life to a whole new level.

And then we come to my favorite tribes of all – Freedom Hackers. That’s our tribe. What makes it so amazing?

A few things make it better than any other, in my opinion. There are many movements around the world that are catchy and have many followers. But there are very few of those that actually have a great, inspiring mission behind them. And Freedom Hackers is one of those. And in my opinion, it has the most inspiring missions of all. To help people be free. To help them get money, time, and mind freedom. So that they never need to worry about money anymore. So that they can spend their lives doing the things they love. So that they can experience happiness on demand and focus on bringing more positive change in the world to compound the effect of our efforts.

If I help 1,000,000 people become money, time and mind free and each one of them helps 100 more and each of those 100 help 10 more... by the time we get to the 3rd stage of the ripple effect we are at 2 billion people or 25% of the world population. It’s hard to imagine what the world could look like if 25% of us live in complete money, time, and mind freedom but my guess is there will be no more wars, no poverty, and no destruction.

If the main goal of your everyday job is not to buy a Ferrari but to create a massive positive impact in the world, that changes who you are. And if you bring more people in and you form a tribe, this gives people that new inspiring identity too so that they too have that rare superpower to get amazing shit done.

And that’s what makes us Freedom Hackers so cool ;)

Of course, all of us are usually members of more than one tribe. We’re both obviously members of the Freedom Hackers tribe. But I’m also a member of Elon Musks tribe. You can be a member of your own tribe and also a member of your favorite sports team tribe. As long as it helps you grow in your desired direction, that’s great.

So with that brief overview, let’s get to work and start creating your Extraordinary Tribe.

I’ll see you in the next video!

Extraordinary Brand Strategy Framework

Welcome back, my friend.

Let’s start constructing your very own Extraordinary Tribe.

What you see here is the Extraordinary Tribe Framework. In order to build your tribe, we’re going to take Freedom Hacking as an example and reverse engineer the process so that you can fill in the gaps and make it your own.

So, let’s start with the top right of the image. That little planet you see here represents the world. But don’t get overwhelmed here because the world could also mean your target group that you want to impact through your work. This could be a small group of people, it could be your country, your city, or your community.

So the first step in our reverse-engineering process is to figure out what I like to call your Mission Impossible. That’s the bold mission behind your Extraordinary Tribe. To do that, I want you to answer these questions:
Why does your tribe exist?
How will it better the world or your target group?

If you still haven’t gone through the Extraordinary Goals Masterclass which you have access to, now is the perfect time to do it. And if you did go through it, go back to it and set some new extraordinary goals for your tribe here.

What is the most inspiring mission that you can set for your life, and your impact on the world? This will be the bold mission that you’ll be communicating publicly to the world and to potential members of your Extraordinary Tribe.

For Elon Musk and Space X this is to make people a multi-planetary species.

For my company United States of Zen this is to build the first fully self-sustainable cities in the world focused on human advancement and quality of life.

Space X will ensure our survival if an asteroid hits the planet.

United States of Zen will ensure our survival since if we don’t learn how to live in a Zen state of mind we’ll most likely nuke the Earth or any other planet we’ll be able to reach in the future.

Either way, both companies communicate an inspiring future that people get very excited about. Also, both companies communicate a mission that most people believe is impossible to achieve. And that’s a good thing.

If your aim is too low, you won’t have an Extraordinary Tribe. You’ll have an average tribe or no tribe. Nobody wants to follow average. Not even those who are at the bottom of their journeys.

So set an inspiring mission. If you haven’t gone through the Life Purpose Academy yet, I highly recommend you do in case you still haven’t figured out what drives you the most and what fills your veins with excitement and energy.

Let’s put 5 minutes on the timer here so you can focus on answering these questions:
Why does your tribe exist?
How will it better the world or your target group?
What is the most inspiring mission that you can set for your life, and your impact on the world?

Make sure you answer these questions now and I’ll see you when the timer hits zero.

Welcome back, my friend.

After you’ve figured out that inspiring mission for your tribe, I want you to think about the 3 main things a person needs to be able to do extremely well in order to be able to get that result.

In my case with both Freedom Hackers and United States of Zen, I know that people must take care of their money problems forever so that they can also build time freedom and focus on expanding their consciousness. That’s the Money, Time, and Mind Freedom.

So, what are your top three? Which are the keys to achieving that inspiring result you are seeking?

Elon Musk wants to send people on Mars. So he reverse engineers what it would take to be able to do that. He can’t just jump from here to there. There are steps to be taken first. They needed to learn how to build reusable rockets. Then they needed to send satellites to space to be able to make money and sustain the company. Then they needed to start working on their BFR massive spaceship that will one day bring people to Mars.

So what are these three key steps for you and your tribe?

Let’s put 5 minutes on the timer so you’ll have time to focus and write ideas down before we move on. I’ll see you when the timer hits zero.

Welcome back, my friend.

Now that we have the major mission and the three key steps that can make it possible, let’s start from the beginning of the journey and go to the top left corner of this image.

What you see here is the world and its nearly 8 billion people population. Once you start promoting your message and your inspiring mission, you’ll notice a funnel-like effect which will filter the people who are interested and ready to hear that message. Out of these 8 billion people, all you ultimately need is 1,000 who adopt your mission as their own and who are ready to march together with you towards that inspiring future. If you haven’t read about the concept of 1,000 true fans, I highly advise you to search for it on Google and read about it. It basically shows you how all you need in any business is 1,000 true fans to be able to make a ton of money and create a massive impact. The same applies here.

So out of these 1,000 people, imagine just one person. That one person is your perfect client. They are at the beginning of their journey, confused, no so inspired about the future. Until they learn about your Extraordinary Tribe and your major goal that you are pursuing.

Note, that you must have already achieved the three key steps we discussed earlier, or at least you must have achieved sufficient proficiency in them to show this person that you can be their leader on that journey. Your inspiring mission at the top right is something that you might be pursuing your whole life, but you’ve already gone through the major steps that will one day lead you there.

Once this person learns about you, your inspiring mission, and your tribe, it’s time to provide them with the superpower of belief. You are giving them the new identity, the flag of the tribe. In our case, the helmet of the Freedom Hacker astronaut. And what does a Freedom Hacker do? He sure doesn’t sit on their ass watching Netflix or drinking beer all they long. Remember? Freedom Hackers have extraordinary dreams. They build extraordinary systems. They take extraordinary actions. They achieve extraordinary results. And they create an extraordinary impact. That doesn’t happen by being lazy or uninspired. That doesn’t happen by procrastinating. That doesn’t happen by not growing.

This new identity is the superpower your tribe member needs that will help them get to the top of that journey. Without it, they will never be able to reach even the first step of the ladder.

So what you’ve done here is you took them confused and uninspired and you equipped them with unbreakable certainty in their ability to make things happen and also with a bold and inspiring action plan for their journey ahead.

The goal is not just to inspire them to grow personally and professionally but also to inspire them to impact those around them in a positive way throughout that journey.

And this is how you go from an average or no brand to creating your own Extraordinary Tribe that has the power to transform the world.

We are going to use this framework in the next lessons as the base around which you’ll build your key message, your content, your mission, your products, and more. In fact, once you complete this framework it can become the base for most key decisions you make in your life and your business. That’s how powerful it is.

Excited already?

Let’s move on with the next lesson, my friend.

Extraordinary Brand Messaging 

Welcome back, my friend.

An Extraordinary Tribe requires an Extraordinary Message. What do I mean by that? I mean you must be able to communicate what your amazing tribe is all about in one simple sentence.

If you can’t do that, you can’t build an Extraordinary Tribe. If you’ve studied business, you probably know that a great business plan starts with a great simple sentence. And that sentence explains what problem the business solves or what solution it provides.

Investors are notorious for looking for that extraordinary message when someone pitches them an idea. Most of them say that if you can’t pitch your whole business plan in less than a minute, then they are not interested to hear more.

You realize how busy everyone is. You realize how distracted everyone is. The world is totally crazy now. And you must take that into consideration when shaping the message around your inspiring mission.

You know what Elon Musk wants to do with Space X. Send people to Mars.

Maybe you’ve already remembered what I want to achieve with United States of Zen – create the first cities focused on human advancement and quality of life.

But imagine the opposite scenario. You’ve never heard about Simeon Ivanov before and you saw my face on YouTube. Instead of saying that short sentence which peaks your attention, I went on to say the following:

“I’m very inspired to create a project where people will be able to live in places that motivate them to grow personally and improve every important area of their lives so that they can start experiencing more happiness and fulfillment.”

Now, that sucks but it’s not even the worst example possible. It’s still a single sentence. Even though it’s as long as the great wall of china. You want a short, simple sentence that anyone can remember straight away.

And you want that sentence to inspire. You want that sentence to lit the fire in those people who will later become your true fans. The moment they hear it, it must spark their interest so they are open to hearing more.

So, if you’ve done the work in the previous lesson, if you’ve gone through the Extraordinary Goals Mastermind and the Life Purpose Academy, you must be ready to shape your own Extraordinary Message to the world.

I want you to take some time and do it now before we continue. Take as much time as you need and once you’re done, I’ll see you in the next video.

Good luck.

Extraordinary Brand Identity 

Welcome back, my friend.

This lesson will make the difference between your tribe succeeding and failing.

If you want your members and your tribe to be successful, you must help people embrace a new identity for themselves.

I mentioned that earlier. There are two types of people who try to quit smoking – the first type always fails. The second type succeeds at first try.

What’s the main difference between the two?

The first type says “I haven’t smoked for 15 days.” They are counting the days since they haven’t smoked any cigarettes. A few weeks or a few months later at best, they are back to one of the most destructive habits.

The second type says “I’m a non-smoker.” They don’t count days. They don’t keep a record. They are simply non-smokers. And what do non-smokers do? They never smoke.

I’ve personally experienced such identity shifts in my life on multiple occasions. Obviously one was when I became a professional racing driver. I was 15 years old at that time. Most of my friends were spending their time off of school partying and playing video games. I was spending that time. Working out and testing on the track. Most of them were eating junk and drinking alcohol. I was following a strict diet. How do you make a 15-year-old kid do all these things? You give him a new identity. A pro racing driver works out 6 days a week. A pro racing driver doesn’t drink alcohol and eat a healthy diet. That’s who I was and I didn’t make silly excuses because I was inspired about that identity and that role. Notice that I wasn’t a person who was racing. I was a professional racing driver. There’s a big difference between those two.

You already know about the identity of a Freedom Hacker. We work towards achieving total Money, Time, and Mind Freedom. We have bold dreams. We find and implement amazing systems that have worked for the top performers in the world. We take extraordinary levels of action. This always leads to incredible results and an extraordinary impact.

You can guess that this kind of thinking and behavior excludes much of the crappy habits one can have. You can’t be a Freedom Hacker and binge-watch TV shows every week. You can’t be a Freedom Hacker and eat junk every other day. You can’t be a Freedom Hacker and not take great care of your Money game. Why? Because that’s not what the best of the best do. If anyone is doing anything better than us in any key area of life, we learn from them and do our best to emulate their results.

A Freedom Hacker lives and breaths personal and professional growth. They don’t just do a little bit here and there.

That’s what makes the identity of a Freedom Hacker so powerful. It’s not just about achieving financial success or happiness. It’s about drastically improving every key area of your life at the same time.

So what is that extraordinary identity that you want to give to the members of your tribe? What is that perfect identity that you want to develop yourself? What vision of the future you will inspire you to grow into your best possible self?

Close your eyes for a moment and imagine yourself 10 years from now. Close your eyes now and do this little exercise with me.

Imagine that the best possible 10 years of your life have past and you have achieved the most extraordinary results in every key area of life – in money, health, relationships, happiness, spirituality. You look and feel amazing. Your bank account is overflowing with cash from passive sources of income. You feel at peace. You are creating a massive impact on people’s lives.

I want you to imagine how exactly that version of you looks like. What clothes does it wear? How does it talk? How does it walk? People see that future version of you and they get inspired just by the looks of it. Why? What makes it so amazing? What makes it unique and empowering?

How does this future you impact the world? How does it impact the lives of its loved ones? How does it act? What are its best habits? What are the things it stopped doing long ago to be able to achieve these extraordinary results?

Imagine that for a moment before you open your eyes. I’ll give you a few minutes here.

How did it go, my friend? Did that vision inspire you? Is this new identity something you are motivated to work for? That vision of your future you can be the identity you strive for. And it can also become the base for the identity that you’ll start shaping for your Extraordinary Tribe.

Once you shape this identity for the perfect member of your tribe, you can create all kinds of small tools to remind people of their new superpower. In my case, I’ve borrowed the strategy from Russel Brunson and created a phone background wallpaper for each Freedom Hacker to have on their screen so that they can remind themselves of their new identity every time they pick up the phone. I have it on my screen and others are using it too as a powerful visual tool to get them back on track if they’ve gone off rails. You can obviously go further than that and create merch, prints, canvases and so many other things that will serve as triggers or reminders for your Extraordinary Tribe members to go back to their new and empowering identity.

Make sure to take some notes here and go back and do that little visualization again if you need to in order to extract all the important details and use that as a superpower that you’ll be giving to all members of your Extraordinary Tribe.

Great job, my friend!

Make sure to complete this exercise before you move on and I’ll see you in the next video.

Profit From Your Brand Strategy / Kajabi Automations For Maximum Profit & Impact

Welcome back, my friend.

It’s time for the moment of truth. Let’s talk about money.

It’s one thing to have a great Tribe, it’s a whole different thing to have a great Tribe that is also making you a lot of money. And then, it’s a whole new level when you are helping your tribe make money too. That’s when the game gets really exciting.

But we’ll talk about that last point in the next video. For now, let’s look at how you can make more money by building an incredible Tribe.

As you’ve probably already noticed, creating an Extraordinary Tribe can help us acquire many more clients but can also lead to a significant improvement in long-term client loyalty. And that is crucial.

Someone once said that amateurs focus on front-end sales and the pros focus on back-end sales. Front-end sales are the so-called cold sales. You get someone you don’t know to learn about you and you send them a product for $100. And then your focus goes to getting the next client that will pay you $100. That’s what amateurs do.

The pros however do that, but they also focus much of their attention on back-end sales. So once this client learns about them and purchases something for $100, they start building that relationship. Since this person is already a part of their ecosystem – either a subscriber or a member of their email list or text messaging list, they can now market to them for free. And in those back-end pipelines, they have the opportunity to grow that relationship from $100 revenue to potentially tens of thousands of dollars in the long term.

It’s much easier to sell to someone who’s already purchased from you and is satisfied with your product compared to a cold audience that has never heard about you or never purchased anything from you.

That’s where the concept of an Integrated Product Strategy comes into play. When you combine it and integrate it with your Extraordinary Tribe, it will help you build a business that sells 24/7 on autopilot while you sleep.

If you haven’t gone through the $1M Masterclass yet, let me remind you what the Integrated Product Strategy is.

You saw what the best of the best do and if we go back to the Freedom Hackers Tribe you’ll notice the first step of that ladder I showed you. That’s the Money Product Line that I mentioned in this video. And it doesn’t come first for now reason. I decided to create these products first because if you don’t have Money Freedom you won’t be able to get Time or Mind Freedom either. You’ll be too focused on the rat race, struggling to pay bills, and struggling to afford the lifestyle you want to experience.

Once you take care of your Money Game, Freedom Hacking can lead you to the next steps of the process of securing your Time and Mind freedom. That’s the complete journey that we’re building for every Freedom Hacker. And every step of the process brings an incredible amount of value that people can implement and reap the benefits in literally days.

I always teach things that have worked for me and other people who are new to that whole game to make sure that anyone can do it if they simply follow the process and put in the work.

So, by implementing the power of an Integrated Product Strategy, you’ll be able to have offers for a wide range of clients and you’ll also be able to scale that relationship with everyone through the different stages in their development. You’ll have something at the entry-level where anyone can basically afford to get a taste of your Tribe’s experience but you’ll also have these advanced programs for people who want to take everything to a pro-level.

And once you have one pipeline ready, you’ll start creating your next one on the next topic which is related to the whole journey. In my case, after Money comes Time and Mind, so there will be programs that focus on these two critical steps in the future.

The best part of it all is that you can automate 99% of the process and lead your amazing new members from day 1 to eternity if you wish without doing a single thing. You set it up once and then you let it run on autopilot.

Let’s watch this video on automation one more time if you haven’t seen it in any of the other programs yet.

What you just witnessed is just a small piece of the incredible powers of Kajabi which are helping me and thousands of others, including some of the most successful people on the planet to automate and scale their businesses to previously impossible levels.

You can basically create everything in advance – the whole 1 or even 10 years journey of every single client that enters your ecosystem, you then hit start and everything will run for you 24/7 and the only thing you’ll need to do is just bring new people in. If that doesn’t excite you, I don’t know what will. I get super excited every time I’m able to automate one more thing that will also allow me to serve my tribe better and help them achieve even more amazing results without doing any extra work. You can’t do that with most other businesses.

So this is how you can go to extraordinary profit by using the powers of your Extraordinary Tribe, your Integrated Product Strategy, and Automations with Kajabi.

If you’re not doing that yet, the best time to start is now.

You can find my partner link for Kajabi with an incredible 28 days free trial in the description below.

Alright, my friend. Let’s get to the next exciting lesson. I’ll see you in the next video.

Create The Best Referral Program For Your Brand 

Welcome back, my friend.

I believe that every Extraordinary Tribe must have Extraordinary Awards. If you are profiting from your tribe you must find a way to give back and help your tribe do the same.

Why wouldn’t you, right?

The more you help your tribe, the better. The more you care for them, the more they’ll care for you. The more you give, the more you’ll receive. Reciprocity, my friend. You can’t get if you haven’t given first. So start giving and be more generous than the rest. It’ll pay off and it’ll make your tribe stronger and your members better off than anybody else.

And this is where things start getting super exciting. What if you not only inspired your tribe and educated them on various amazing topics with your digital products, but you also gave them a way to profit from being a member? And what if you gave them the opportunity to do that completely risk-free and with almost zero time investment.

Tell me the name of one person in this world who wouldn’t benefit from an extra level of Money and Time Freedom. There isn’t any.

Who doesn’t want to make money with no risk and almost zero time investment?

So that’s the last step of shaping your Extraordinary Tribe. I call it – Extraordinary Rewards.

In the case with Freedom Hackers, I deliver these amazing rewards through the Freedom Partners Program. The FPP is an affiliate program that rewards its members for sharing their experience as Freedom Hackers and bringing new members to the Tribe. It is basically an affiliate program but as you might have guessed it already – it’s not just any affiliate program. It’s an extraordinary affiliate program. What makes it more amazing than most of the rest?

First off, it provides insane 50% commission rates for every single sale a member is able to generate by sharing their unique partner link. This means that a single buyer can make you over $1,000 in a single day if they purchase all offers in our pipeline. And all you did was share your positive experience and gave them a link to get something incredible for free (in our case – my book and an amazing online course worth $200). By doing that, you also helped feed 5 people in need. It cost you nothing. It took you a minute to share a post on the Internet, it potentially made you a thousand dollars and you fed 5 people who are in starvation… That’s what I mean by extraordinary impact. Of course, not all buyers will buy all offers but the average amounts you can make per buyer are pretty incredible.

The second amazing think about the program is that it doesn’t finish with the 50% commission. Because our most committed partners can also get special rewards ranging from incredible retreats, insane educational programs and seminars, we’ll be paying to get them their favorite cars and even for a flight in space.

The third incredible piece is that by sharing your amazing experience here, you’ll also be able to impact other people’s lives. And by doing that you’ll help make our tribe even stronger which will benefit every single member, including yourself in the long term. The more we are, the smarter and stronger we’ll get. Jim Rohn is famous for saying that when you put one brain and one more brain working together, you get a third brain that didn’t exist before. Imagine what happens when you put thousands of incredible minds working together towards a mutual goal.

Very soon, we’ll be introducing a whole new level of rankings and rewards for our partners that have nothing to do with how much money you’ve made and everything to do with the impact you are having through your mission. The idea is to rewards partners’ efforts to create a massive positive change in this world. If you are already a Freedom Partner, you’ll be the first to learn about this. If you are still not a Partner… what are you waiting for?

Such Partner Programs add a sense of gamification to the whole process which people love and get very inspired about. And if playing that game can make them hundreds of thousands of dollars per year, that gets them fired up.

Let me share with you a quick video that will also show you how implementing this strategy can change the bottom line on your online business.

This is the incredible power of giving away Extraordinary Rewards, my friend. Every Extraordinary Tribe needs that.

Make sure you always reward your most committed tribe members for their efforts and if you can – give them the opportunity to start creating their Money Freedom as soon as possible. That’s one of the best gifts you can give to anyone.

Great job, my friend. Now let’s get to the next video of the Masterclass.

I’ll see you there.

Long Term Brand Strategy 

Welcome back, my friend.

Tribes can be extremely powerful. But they can be used for good the same way they can be used for bad.

If you think about it, most organizations in this world are tribes. The problem is, most of them are terrible tribes.

Countries are tribes. Cities are tribes. Companies are tribes. Your class at school was a tribe. Even your family is a tribe.

And there are tribes that you have little control over and tribes you have much control over. The Extraordinary Tribe that you’ve started shaping here is the one tribe in which you’ll have the opportunity to set the rules of the game from the start.

And the more control you have, the greater the responsibility.

So before you launch your Extraordinary Tribe and from today on, make sure you have people’s best interest engraved at your heart and at the core of this Tribe’s mission.

Make sure you never push people to do things that can lead them to physical or financial danger. That’s what messed up cults do. Make sure you care for people. Make sure you put their interest first – not yours. Without them, there is no tribe, remember that. They are the important ones here – not you.

Make sure you are honest and transparent. If you can teach them something amazing – don’t hold back. Teach them. Give them all you have. Overdeliver every single time you interact with them.

Always ask yourself – will this thing I’m creating here help them get the result they want. If the answer is no or if you are not sure – then it’s a NO. Only do that which will make their lives better.

Finally, make sure you are the best representation of your tribe. You are one of them. You can’t be a leader of a tribe from up there. You must be down there walking the journey and helping everyone else get to the peak of the mountain. Give people a hand. Make a step back if you need to help someone out. Do your best to help them progress in the desired direction. That’s the main purpose of your tribe.

The rest will come after that, trust me. The money. The following. The support. The raving fans. Everything else will come.

My friend, it takes years to build a reputation and only a day to ruin it. Don’t become part of that statistic.

Create the tribe you wish existed for you 5 or 10 years ago. And when you do, always keep people's best interest engraved in your heart.

I’ll see you in the next video!

What Next

Welcome back, my friend.

By now you must have a very clear picture of what you want your Extraordinary Tribe to look like. If you are anything like me and you just can’t wait to implement all great new strategies, maybe you’ve already created the whole damn thing, you set up your affiliate platform and you started bringing new members in.

No matter where you are on that journey, you now know the path to creating an amazing group of people that work together and help each other achieve Extraordinary things in life.

And that’s extremely exciting.

If you have any questions, make sure you share them in the comment section below.

But, we are not over yet. Because below you’ll be able to find some amazing bonuses and special offers that can help you get your game to an even higher level.

My fellow Freedom Hacker, it was an honor serving you and I’m looking forward to learning about your success stories soon.

Good luck and remember - you are always just one action away from extraordinary!


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