START YOUR OWN BUSINESS – 4 Lessons You Must Learn

You want to start your own business. You have your idea. You have a plan in your head. You have the guts. You are ready to rumble! I love that!

But you know it’s going to be tough and you’re not sure where to start. There are a thousand unknowns and it feels too overwhelming.

I get...

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FOLLOW THE LEADER - The Fastest Path To Success

growth leader racing success Jul 10, 2017

When I started racing I used to go with my coach to many different tracks so I can learn and get better fast. But honestly, I was improving so slowly and it was only when we started going to the tracks with the very good drivers that I started improving fast.

Why is that?

I figured out that he...

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Personal Development – Why It Doesn’t Work For You

Personal Development is like oxygen. It brings vitality to our being. We all want to grow in all key areas of our lives. And so, we rightfully pursue our own path of Personal Development with great excitement and hope. And very often we get disappointed. Why? Because it doesn’t work...

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Your Goal Setting Is Killing Your Business And Dreams – Here’s What To Do About It

Goal setting is a complex matter. Right? Wrong!

Goal setting is simple but we’ve been doing it all wrong and that’s why it hasn’t been working in our favor. Yes, it’s sim1ple and it’s one of the essential skills that you need to master if you want to achieve any...

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How To Sleep Better - The Ultimate 16 Step Guide

energy sleep better May 24, 2017

Everyone wants to sleep better.

Read the full article if you want to learn how to sleep better and transform your day and your life in 16 simple steps!


(1) Feeling energetic and vibrant is key to our success and happiness. It...

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The Best Productivity Mobile App In 2017

mobile app productivity May 17, 2017

What is the best productivity mobile app for iPhone and Android?

Think about that.

What makes a great productivity mobile app great? And what makes it the best productivity app for me and for my clients?

Let’s consider the following:

1) What do you ultimately want your productivity...

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Fear And Pain Are Good

fear pain May 12, 2017

Fear And Pain Are Good. Don’t run away from them! Embrace them!

I know it’s scary.
And trust me I know it hurts.
But isn’t that pain what makes you
the person you dreamed of being?
Isn’t that pain the very thing
that demolishes the wall between mediocrity
and greatness?


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